Fast Drying Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit (Buy 3 Get 1 for Free)

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Fast Drying Dipping Powder Fast Drying Dipping Powder
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With the Dipping powder starter kit you can discover the dipping powder technique for strong and long-lasting nails. This all-in-one professional starter kit comes with everything you need to create a full colour overlay of the nails in less than no time.

The fast drying powder system is a new formula, one of the characteristic is good stability, at the temperature of 0C-50C can be used normally.

Another characteristic of fast drying powder system is the powder drying speed is fast, and it can still be dried fast in extremely cold weather. This characteristic greatly reduces the difficulty of using, and makes it easier for beginners to make beautiful nails.

GH DIP products have outstanding product quality, not only in the basic characteristics of products such as stability. long- lasting time, color fullness, simplicity, but also in the research and development of product raw materials have significant advantages.

GH DIP is committed to using natural raw materials to create healthy and fashionable nail products. GH DIP product aim is health and environmental protection, so the base and top glue uses pharmaceutical arade o materials, which smells smaller and is safer to human body.

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