Dip Powder Nail Liquid Set Glue Kit GL401

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Fast Drying Dipping Powder Fast Drying Dipping Powder
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About GHDip 

  • GHDIP is one of the most professional dipping powder brands,which has been dedicated to developing good nail products for salons and nail amateurs.
  • Focus on helping women do healthy ,easier, and fast nails both in salons and at home.
  • GHDip Liquid works perfectly with GHDip fast drying Powder.It's faster, easier, shinier, more durable.
  • GHDip Liquid can also work well with dip powder of other brands , but not as perfect as GHDIP powder, due to difference of powder ingredients. Applying steps are also greatly different.

nail dip glue kit

durable and long lasting

dip powder base coat top coat

MARK: If the bottle cap of glue can not be opened, please let us know timely and we will help to solve problems within 24 hours.


How to Use:

Step 1: File and shape nails.
Step 2: Apply BASE coat, dip into the COLOR POWDER.
Step 3: Apply BASE coat again, dip into the COLOR POWDER.
Step 4: File, shape and buff the nails.
Step 5: Apply ACTIVATOR and air dry for 2 minutes.
Step 6: Apply TOP coat and air dry.
Step 7: Apply TOP coat again and air dry for 2 minutes

Tips & Tricks:

1. Dip at a 45 degree angle and pull straight back out. Do not push the nail against the powder.
2. Apply top coat in quick thin strokes and let your first coat half dry before applying second coat.
3. Ensure all the essentials are cleaned up properly and the caps are tightened well.

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#Fast Drying Dip Powder#

Main Advantages:
(Compared with General Dip Powder now on markets)
1.【Healthier】New Formula: Healthy & Organic Dipping Powder, vitamin and calcium fortified, will not cause damage to nails bed. Non-toxic, Non-Yellowing, Soft and Smooth powder, No need of UV/LED Light.
2.【Faster】Dipping Powder Fast Drying within 20-30 seconds, No need of activator to dry, Dipping System Liquid is Quick Air Dry System,No need of UV/LED Light.
3.【Easier】Quick&Easy : Just Follow Steps 1-3, Create Perfect beautiful nails art in your own style just at home, Save great time and Money to nail salon.
4.【Shinier】Double Shiny: The intact dip system and high quality Top Coat make the nails shiny in perfect looks. Top coat dry within only 1-1.5 minutes..
5.【Durable】Our dipping powder nail long last more than 3-4 weeks, No chips, No Crack, the dip nails are flexible and durable..

Main Features:
(Compared with Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer)
1. Healthy and Odor-Free,Safety Material Ingredient, No damage to nails.
2. No need of UV or LED light to cure, zero-dry, Quick Dip,Save great time.
3. Strong,Durable and Long-lasting for more than 3-4 weeks.
4. Crack-resistant, Chip-resistant, Maintenance Free
5. Natural Look, Light weight & Flexible.

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Dip Powder Nail Liquid Set Glue Kit GL401
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